5 Ways To Engage

Please remember this:

“No one made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little. ”   -Edmund Burke

Here are 5 Ways You Can Engage:

1)  Join the Email List

Subscribe to the email list and get regular nuggets of knowledge. Your help in forwarding these emails and posting them on social media will build American Backbone.

2) Sign the American Backbone Thank You Petition

This simple act makes a statement.  And do not underestimate the power of encouragement. We all need to be encouraged, even President Trump.

3) Share this website with your friends on social media.
4)  Become an Educator
  • Using the simple “Go Big With Small” strategy, you can be an effective educator!
  • Start with  An American Catechism  which is a brief but powerful tool for providing basic information about our government and how it is supposed to work. Use social media or download the free document to print and share.
  • Read and Share The Freedom Quiz. This is a simple easy-to-use strategy that imparts much needed information in a brief way.  During a Q & A session with a group of pastors who were asking questions about civic involvement, Mike Huckabee said, “All of you should get a copy of The Freedom Quiz. It answers most of these questions.”
  • For those who want to gain more knowledge and be prepared to address current issues, we recommend the book Well Versed , by Jim Garlow.

All of these tools are excellent to use in one-on-one conversations, classrooms, study groups, etc.  And as Jefferson said, “… it requires no high degree of education to do this.”

5)  Interesting Information Internet Donations

Consider this information about contributions.