Simple Strategy

Download a Printable PDF Flyer of this page HERE.


  1. Go to and declare that you will vote for Ginny Caligiuri by filling out the form.
  2. Memorize or take note of the spelling:   G I N N Y     C A L I G I U R I
  3. Decide if you will vote on June 5th -or- vote early by Absentee Ballot. There is a link for getting an Absentee Ballot at
  4. Get friends to declare their vote as well at
  5. Direct people to through social media, phone calls, email, etc.
  6. Make copies of the printable page to hand out to conservative friends, or email the digital version of this page to every person you know who is:
  • pro-Life
  • pro-Christian
  • pro-Israel
  • pro-2nd Amendment
  • pro-Constitution
  • pro-Traditional Marriage, etc.

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This web page is not paid for by any political party or political candidate, but is provided by private citizens who support Ginny Caligiuri for U. S. Congress