The Trump Petition

Dear President Trump,

(Why The Petition)

We the signers recognize the continual and unprecedented level of lies and accusations that are being made against you and your family. Therefore we offer the following as an expression of gratitude and encouragement;

  • Thank you for declaring that we worship God, not government and your belief that government belongs to the people.
  • Thank you for your stand for life, religious liberty, economic fairness and opportunity, limited and honest government, law and order, the Constitution, and all that makes America great.
  • Thank you for the stand you have taken against political correctness, the leftist media, socialism, the globalists, big donors seeking to buy influence, self-serving politicians, anarchists, and any who seek to move our nation off its proven constitutional foundation.
  • Thank you for your example of American leadership here at home and on the world stage.
  • Thank you for having a backbone.

Keep standing strong. We are behind you!

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We will send results to the White House.