Exposing Socialism

Socialism is a creeping evil that has been eating away at the foundations of our freedom for decades. One of our biggest challenges is to educate the people on this issue so they won’t be led down the path to tyranny. Below are a few brief printer friendly articles that you can use to educate yourself and others. Please use them!

The Next Big Culture Battle

The Next Big Culture Battle is a brief article that sounds the alarm regarding Socialism. This article was written a while back and is proving to have been an accurate prediction. Socialism is out of the closet! (continue reading)

American Catechism

An American Catechism is 11 Questions and Answers which explain why America is a republic, not a democracy. In early America, Noah Webster published a brief federal catechism that was so widely distributed that the vast majority of Americans had a basic working knowledge of the American Republic. Times have changed and not all of Webster’s points apply today. Nevertheless, American needs this type of basic foundation again. You can help restore this backbone of knowledge by sharing this document with as many people as possible. (read full article)

Socialism Vaccine

Socialism Vaccine consists of 7 basic concepts that will help us recognize and reject socialism when it tries to infect our thinking. (get immunized here)

The Freedom Quiz

The Freedom Quiz is consists of 11 questions designed to pique the curiosity of those who take the quiz. After all, we all like to know how we scored on the quiz! The answer to each question is brief article that answers the respective question. When people take the quiz and read the answers - education happens! The Freedom Quiz is also available as a booklet to give to your friends - (purchase here).

Why I Vote Republican

There was a time when being a Republican or a Democrat was like supporting your favorite sports team. Strong allegiances exist, but we were all on the same team when it came to our nation. But times have changed. The Democrat Party has moved so far to the left that the leader of the Communist Party USA has recommended voting Democrat! This contrast is starkly illustrated by the issues in the comparison table in this article. Not everyone in the grassroots who identifies as a Democrat or Republican aligns with this generalization, but the contrast that has developed between Republican and Democrat leadership is growing more clear all the time. (printable PDF here)

Humanism: Understanding the Mindset of the Radical Left and Compliant Christians

Humanism is the underlying philosophy that has turned our world upside down. Unfortunately, many good people have bought into humanistic principles without realizing it. When we understand humanism, not only will be be able to reject it personally, but we will better understand how socialists, and the radical left think. This essential if we are win the culture battle in which we are engaged. Get a printable PDF of this revealing article HERE.