Iowa Petition Against Mandatory Masks

Final Report

The petition drive against mandatory masks is now complete (though a printable copy of the petition is still available here). The results have been given to Governor Reynolds, and she has since stated that she will not make masks mandatory in Iowa. Thanks to all who signed the petition and helped to preserve freedom in Iowa.    See the results below.

Fighting for Freedom,

Brad Sherman

More than 1,400 Iowans signed the petition/survey on the American Backbone website, and many more signed hard copies. We offered five general reasons for opposing mandatory face masks, and an overwhelming percentage of the signers agreed with all of them. The strongest opinions have to do with infringement of personal freedom and that Covid-19 is being used to advance a political agenda. Below are the percentages of signers who agreed with each reason.

  1. Violates Freedom. Government should not exercise excessive control over “we the people” and our decisions. Mask edicts are an encroachment on personal freedom.
    94% This indicates a strong opinion that mandatory masks would be a governmental infringement upon our freedoms. This was the strongest opinion among the signers.

  2. Restricts Healthy People. Those who have health risks or present symptoms should take precautions, while healthy people should be free to maintain regular activities without hindrance.
    92% The idea of mandatory face masks is based on upside down logic. Healthy people should not be saddled with such restrictions, only those who are sick.

  3. Hinders Immunity. Masks and social distancing prolong the risk of contracting COVID-19 by preventing the natural development of personal and societal immunity.
    86% This shows a broad opinion and a general knowledge regarding the development of natural immunity, often referred to as “herd immunity.”

  4. Inhibits Free Exercise of Religion. Christian scriptures teach that we should assemble together and encourage one another (Hebrews 10:25). Masks and social distancing are forms of isolation which inhibit interaction and encouragement. Speaking the truth in love is preferred over promoting and propagating fear.
    85% Many people of faith feel that mandatory masks would prohibit the free exercise of religion as guaranteed by the First Amendment and would promote fear which is the cover for those who wish to expand government control.

  5. Advances a Political Agenda. There have been false and inflated statistics regarding COVID-19. Certain medicines, that have proven to be safe and successful therapeutics against COVID-19 have been discouraged. There is data that suggests the mortality rate of COVID-19 is comparable to seasonal flu, yet a booming economy has been shattered, schools have been closed, jobs have been lost and more. Many medical professionals disagree regarding the effectiveness of masks, yet experienced and acclaimed physicians, who have dared to disagree with the one-size-fits-all advice of the so called experts, have been smeared, fired, and investigated. These things point to a political agenda that needs to be exposed and do not support the call for mandatory masks.
    92% More than 90% feel that masks are being used as part of a behind-the-scenes political agenda. These people are an informed group who are not fooled by the tactics being used.

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