Freedom Quiz Answers

Answer to Question #1: Which one of the following is most important to preserve freedom in America?

Answer to Question #2: Since America’s founding, do you believe freedom in America is increasing, decreasing, or holding steady?

Answer to Question #3:  T or F  The goal of America’s founders was to establish a government that would give certain unalienable rights to its citizens.

Answer to Question #4: How much of our income do Americans believe is appropriate for government to take? (based on our pilot servey).

Answer to Question #5: What percentage of the average American’s income is taken as taxes?

Answer to Question #6: The Federal Reserve is a government institution that is authorized by the Constitution to print or coin money.

Answer to Question #7: The right to keep and bear arms was spelled out in the Second Amendment so United States citizens could…

Answer to Question #8: What form of government did the founders say was unstable and incompatible with personal security or the rights of property?

Answer to Question #9: Which form of government provides the most freedom?

Answer to Question #10: The phrase “separation of church and state” is found in:

Answers to Question #11: The phrase, “You cannot legislate morality,” is a common cliché. Do you think it is true or false?

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