The Next Big Culture Battle

July, 28, 2018

Out of the Closet

The socialism war is not new but the enemy has shifted to a new strategic phase and a new battle is looming. Ever since the founding of the Intercollegiate Socialist Society in 1905, socialists have been using the tactic of gradualism to advance their principles behind the scenes. As a result they have all but taken over the educational systems in America with nearly every college and university faculty becoming a hotbed of socialists.

Socialism remained largely a covert operation up until the Obama administration. Even Obama’s"spread the wealth around” comment to Joe the Plumber during his campaign was met with a degree of disbelief. Media personalities and conservative politicians were very cautious about calling then candidate Obama a “socialist” lest they be considered fear mongers or extreme. But with the drastic increase of socialist practices by Obama and with Bernie Sanders running for president as a self-proclaimed socialist, we must recognize that a significant strategic shift has taken place. Socialism has come out of the closet.

More recent reports and comments in the media (which most people barely notice) indicate an even bolder move. Socialism is now being promoted by name as a legitimate contender to capitalism and free enterprise. Why? Because President Trump has forced their hand. The cards are being laid face up on the table. The American people will have to decide if they want to live in a socialist nation and be cared for by big government, or a Constitutional Republic practicing personal responsibility and the values that made us free.

Culture Warriors Needed

The next big battle is upon us and it is real. A recent poll indicated that nearly half of millennials think that socialism is a good idea! President Trump’s progress is great but we must not think the socialists will simply concede defeat. They are deeply entrenched in the educational systems and they have already planted their evil ideas in the next generation.

Those of us who do not drink the socialist Kool-Aid need to join the battle. Socialism is like a disease that must be beat back with antibodies of truth. To keep our immune system strong, we must arm ourselves with basic knowledge and become educators in our own right. Below are three informational tools available from We should stock up on such materials and distribute them every chance we get.

I am reminded of a that common sentence used as a drill by typing instructors:

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.

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Three Tools:

The Freedom Quiz

An American Catechism

Socialism Vaccine