Socialism Vaccine

Seven Principles to Help You Recognize and Reject Socialism

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Socialism is a destructive economic system supposedly based on the idea of equal redistribution of wealth. To function socialism requires a heavy-handed governmental system of enforcement (commonly recognized as communism) where those in government become an oligarchy living lavish lifestyles at the expense of the poor population. Yet socialism undermines personal responsibility and productivity, and seeks to install the state as our source, instead of God. We are vulnerable to disease when the immune system is weak. Below is a 7-part inoculation treatment, designed to build up a healthy Bible-based resistance to socialism.

1) Wealth Is Not Limited

God gives the power to create wealth through work conducted with wisdom. By definition, creativity has no limit. Therefore, the increase of wealth by one person does not decrease the wealth of another. (Deut 8:18)

2) God Is Our Source

We must look to God as our source, not government. If we seek God’s Wisdom, God’s Kingdom, and God’s righteousness, He promises our needs will be met. (Ex 20:3; Matt 6:33)

3) Work and Reward

All who are able to work should work. God repays mankind according to his work and causes mankind to find a reward. (2 Chron 15:7)

4) Fairness in Opportunity

Because all people are unique, with different talents, skills, goals and energy, it is unrealistic to expect economic equality. Government should seek to provide fairness in opportunity, not economic equality. (Matt 25:15)

5) Contentment and Productivity

Discontent breeds desire and covetousness. We must not covet what belongs to others or envy those who have more. Those who lust after riches will fall into temptations and snares. Those who are content with what they have will avoid snares and find a means of peace and godly increase. (1 Tim 6:6; Ex 20:17)

6) Compassion - Not Compulsion

Taxes taken by force from one person and given to others for the sake of economic equality is theft. God instructs us to help the poor and needy out of compassion, not compulsion. The purpose of government taxation is not to create economic equality, but for the general good of all. (Ps 72: 12-13; 2 Cor 9:8; Ex 20:15)

7) Incentives for Charity

Government can and should provide incentives for individuals and private organizations to be generous and help the poor. Government should not tax churches and non-profit organizations who work to help the poor and equip the needy to become productive. (Gal 2:10; Ezra 7:24)

Take regular booster shots of these principles and teach them to others for the political health of our nation.

Download Printable Copy Here.